GSM Graphic Arts presents new labelling range

GSM Graphic Arts presents new labelling range

Industrial label and nameplate manufacturer, GSM Graphic Arts is presenting a new range of specialist labels at this year’s show.

It consists of both metal and plastic labels, nameplates and control panels including options which are chemical-resistant, UV-durable and anti-bacterial and suitable for use in medical, marine, outdoor and petro-chemical applications.

Visitors will see samples of chemical resistant labels where the text detail is etched away below the surface of the stainless steel to remain readable even in the harshest of environments such as offshore oil terminals and food processing equipment.

Anti-bacterial labels are produced using a pre-coated material or, in the case of anodised aluminium nameplates, applying an anti-microbial varnish to the finished label. These labels can be used in a washroom environment, on healthcare equipment or in hotels and leisure centres.

UV-durable labels have been tested to an ANSI specification to ensure that they do not discolour and that the text remains legible for a minimum of five years, for use as warning labels and graphic overlays incorporating display windows.

On the stand there are also samples of 3D logo badges, serial number rating plates and barcode labels as well as graphic overlays and control panels.

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