Yamaichi Electronics launches new push-pull M12 connector

Yamaichi Electronics launches new push-pull M12 connector

Yamaichi Electronics will showcase the newest addition to its M12 connector range – an M12 push-pull with inner locking. The cable-side connector engages into the device socket from the inside with locking hooks. As a result, the push-pull system requires only the same installation space as a common M12 connection with screw locking.

With this technology, it is possible to completely recess the M12 socket into an enclosure resulting in a flush fit. Rated IP65 / IP67. Long locking hooks make it particularly robust, says the firm, even when subjected to torsional loads. The firm says that the new connector delivers the benefits of push-pull locking, such as time saving, miniaturisation, blind and tool-free contact mating with simple handling, within a standard M12 specification.

The wall-mount socket can still be mated with conventional, screw-locking M12 connectors, making it reverse-compatible. The system is currently in the process of international standardisation for CDV IEC 61076-2-012 to ensure cross-manufacturer compatibility and availability.

The new M12 system is already available in A, B and D codings. X-coding for high data rates according to CAT.6A and L-coding for power transmission will follow shortly.

Meet Yamaichi Electronics on stand E170 or find out more at www.yamaichi.eu