New thermal wire stripper outstrips mechanical versions says Hakko

New thermal wire stripper outstrips mechanical versions says Hakko

A thermal wire stripper, designed to overcome all common problems associated with using mechanical strippers and hand tools, will be launched at Southern Manufacturing 2020 by Hakko.

The FT-802 satisfies the demands of the military, medical and aerospace industries. It ensures the precise, clean-cut removal of wire insulation, even through highly heat-resistant PTFE, says the company and improved flexibility allows for tangle-free operation. It can also be used for the stripping of insulation from single core wires.

Using mechanical strippers or wire cutters to remove insulation surrounding the wire, if executed incorrectly, can cause damaged wire cores and cut strands which present serious reliability issues that can result in broken connections caused by vibration, expansion, contraction, and other external factors. Conventional tools struggle to cut cleanly all the way through, often leaving behind whiskers of insulation or scratches on the wire. Thermal wire strippers are accurate, safe and effective for stress-free insulation removal from thick wires to even super-fine wires. ESD-safe and RoHS- compliant, the thermal wire strippers ensure clean-cut removal of wire insulation using the appropriate heat to burn through the insulation material around the wiring without damaging the internal cores. The thermal wire stripper is designed for precision, allowing for effective stripping of very fine AWG 38 with standard blades.

Space-saving features include an integrated hand piece holder, with a blade storage holder and blade removal plate incorporated into the system. The high power output setting can reach up to 120% in parameter settings.

The handpiece is a modified version of the company’s FT-8002 handpiece. It has a comfortable, ergonomic grip with a tweezer construction, allowing for even closer alignment and works in conjunction with a new series of G4 blades. The blades are sharper and the positioning of the heater in the handpiece allows for even greater thermal efficiency, for an even cleaner cut, says the company.

Settings can be locked with a password. The digital design enables the output temperature to suit the insulation material.  The company’s wide range of blades provides customers with precise options for application requirements, even for thicker wires.  Blade replacement is now easier and safer with a purpose-designed blade replacement tool. There is a choice of three replacement blades for a wide range of wire gauges, so there is no need to replace the entire handpiece every time a blade wears out.

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