Guaranteed protection from Peli Products

Guaranteed protection from Peli Products

The Protector case range protects all types of equipment such as instrumentation, components and fragile items, says Peli Products (UK). Cases offer watertight, dustproof and crushproof security, for the transportation of specialised industrial equipment. They are covered by the company’s “You break it, we replace it” lifetime guarantee.

Cases are produced in over 80 sizes and protect sensitive equipment against extreme conditions. The automatic pressure equalisation valve stops moisture from entering the case and prevents vacuum-lock so it can be opened easily at any altitude.

The foam engineering facility, MSA Foams, provides durable packaging options, with machined, pressed or fabricated foam products to fit an extensive range of cases and containers.  The end product can protect components at all stages, from the beginning of the manufacturing line, through transit and in operation by the end user.

MSA is accredited to ISO14001 and ISO9001 and now has MPAS accreditation, certified to design and manufacture military packaging.

The protective packaging services are designed in-house and specifically tailored to fit the equipment.  Precision engineered foam ensures each item is securely packed and offers full protection from drops, knocks and vibration. The bespoke foam inserts optimise the space and provide maximum product protection, says the company.

Inserts organise tools efficiently and, using coloured foam, ensure missing items are easily identified. Durable custom foam ensures tools are secured in position and fully protected in transit.

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