Bunting showcases its powers of attraction

Bunting showcases its powers of attraction

Magnetic separators, metal detectors, magnets, magnetic assemblies and magnetising equipment will be showcased by Bunting.

Magnetic Sweepers, which use magnetic forces to lift and hold magnetically susceptible particles such as swarf, nails and screws are available as small handheld models for worktops, push-along versions to clean factory and warehouse floors and larger fork-lift mounted designs to clean larger areas, loading bays, car parks and even airport landing strips.

Magnetic chucks are used to clamp and secure metal components during machining and milling. They are available with two magnetic pole pitches, standard pitch models (A) are for components above 3mm and AA models are used to secure small or thinner components below 3mm. Both designs are available in a wide range of sizes and have a holding force of 100N/M.

For metalworking facilities, factories and warehouses, permanent magnetic lifters provide a safe method of lifting and moving ferrous metal components and sheets.  The MagLift range is designed to lift 50kg (ML-275), 100kg (ML-550) and 200kg (ML-1100). Models use a permanent magnet and, therefore, do not require any power.  A very simple hand-controlled mechanism allows switching between on and off by moving one of several blocks of high-energy magnetic material within the lifter.

The company also offers an extensive range of high strength neodymium magnets, plastic-bonded magnets and magnetic assemblies.

Visit Bunting – Stand B270 or find out more at www.buntingeurope.com