Permabond adhesives bond battery cells in EVs

Permabond adhesives bond battery cells in EVs

Engineering adhesives for the manufacturing industry available from Permabond now include the ET5441 thermally conductive epoxy adhesive with high temperature resistance. Just one of the products to be highlighted by the firm at Southern Manufacturing 2020.

It expands the range of adhesives for the electronics and electric motors market, offering high strength performance, thermal conductivity of 1W/m.k (normal epoxies are 0.3W/m.k) and high temperature resistance. Even at 180°C it achieves 5MPa to 6MPa shear strength on mild steel and it can even withstand 200°C for brief periods.

Suitable applications include bonding battery cells to casing for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, electric motor and electronics components or where high strength structural bonding and resistance to high temperatures are required but where a single-part heat-cure epoxy is impractical.

Other recent developments include an adhesives for low surface energy plastics (polypropylene, polyethylene, LDPE, HDPE, PTFE), a multi-purpose “bond all” toughened acrylic in handy syringe packaging (no gun required), adhesives with WRAS approval and FDA and EU10/2011-compliant adhesives for food and beverage applications.

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