Open Mind software upgrades CAM strategies

Open Mind software upgrades CAM strategies

Two releases of the hyperMILL CAM suite by Open Mind Technologies, to be highlighted at Southern Manufacturing 2020, incorporate the latest requirements and trends of production machining into the software.

In the last version of MAXX Machining, turn-roughing was implemented with trochoidal toolpaths. Optimised connecting paths and fluent machine movements ensure high-performance machining, says the company, so significantly higher machining values can be driven compared to conventional roughing methods.

A function that is generally useful for everyday work is the definition of macros for recurring geometries. Full text searching has been added to the macro database. Users can also define machine and material groups as defaults to make it easier to select macros.

The global fitting hyperCAD-S function is integrated into the CAM strategy in five-axis tangent machining. It allows multiple faces to be joined into one face with defined ISO orientation. The principle of using CAD elements for CAM programming is also applied, for example, for automatic face extension. Bounding surfaces are automatically extended during programming to improve the edges of the machined surfaces and simplify programming, since these adjustments are made within the CAM strategy, without switching to the CAD environment.

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