Resistance tester from Gen3 Systems is shielded for accuracy

Resistance tester from Gen3 Systems is shielded for accuracy

Claimed to represent a dramatic improvement over existing surface insulation resistance (SIR) test alternatives, the AutoSir 2+ was shown at Southern Manufacturing 2019 by Gen3 Systems. Its shielded precision electronics allows accurate resistance measurements to be made up to 1014 Ω, adds the company.

The SIR tester permits simultaneous tests at up to four voltages. The user can select three from 0, 3.3, 5.0, 10, 12.5, 15, 50 and 100V. By using an external power supply, an additional test maybe run simultaneously, at up to 1.250V.

The company also showed the Hirox digital microscope system, which supports magnification of up to 7000x. The new RH-2000 digital microscope has a high-speed Genex graphics processor which allows Hirox’s CCD camera to capture 24 frame/s with the continuous high-quality resolution of 1200×1600 pixels.

Also on the stand was the SpiderEye and PowerSpector GTAz 350 by MEK. The SpiderEye machine vision system is a static AOI system to inspect and identify moving objects. It is portable and can be mounted virtually anywhere on the production line, says the company.

In addition, the company manufactures conformal coating process equipment – bench-top and in-line systems, and SIR, CAF and solderability testing systems. It offers a range of test services and distributes products for Finetech, Vacunest, Stoelting and MBTech

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