Calibration checker from Labfacility saves downtime

Calibration checker from Labfacility saves downtime

Providing rapid, simple and convenient in-house calibration checking of thermocouple instrumentation, the oCal-check precision thermocouple calibration checker, removes the need for laboratory calibration. Labfacility says this results in savings in downtime and cost.

The compact, low cost device, terminated in a miniature, male thermocouple connector is simply plugged into the input port of the instrument under test which then displays the appropriate reading. Comparison of the displayed reading is compared with the value stated on the oCal-check label. There is not a requirement for establishing any other interconnection or for operation of the device which completely eliminates any possibility of user error

The checker automatically switches on when it is inserted and switches off when it is removed, resulting in a long battery life. If the checker is inadvertently left connected to the instrument, it will go into sleep mode to minimise power consumption. An LED indicates if the checker is operational or if the battery needs replacing.

Nine Type K and T thermocouple ranges are available to suit a range of applications including food production and storage, dairy and brewing processes and ovens.

All ranges comply with IEC 584-3. Accuracies are ±0.3°C for all ranges with a resolution of 0.1°C. A certificate of conformance is provided with every checker.

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