IPG Photonics multi-axis workstation welds dissimilar materials

IPG Photonics multi-axis workstation welds dissimilar materials

Compatible with the full range of welding laser sources at powers from 150 to 8,000W, the multi-axis workstation demonstrated by IPG Photonics at this year’s Southern Manufacturing show is a Class 1 laser system that is particularly well-suited to dis-similar joining applications such as battery, bus bar, electronic components and batches of mechanical parts. Side panels can be removed for increased automated part feeds.

A working envelope of 500 x 300 x 300mm is available for tooling. Up to five-axis operation is possible together with a range of standard options such as vision and power measurement. The system may be configured to order for a number of specific fibre laser processing applications.

When fitted with a low cost, high brightness single mode YLR-150-QCW laser, the system is very well suited to fine welding of similar and dissimilar materials. Fitting a multi kW laser enables the system to automatically run deeper keyhole welding applications. Specifying a ‘wobble’ welding-head, further opens up the range of joining applications and materials, advises the company.

A range of cutting and welding systems, including fibre lasers, process heads and motion systems are available from the company which has experience in customising workstations for high volume manufacturing applications.

Visit IPG Photonics on stand J310 or find out more at www.ipgphotonics.com

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