Compact conveyor from LNS Turbo filters to 50µm

Compact conveyor from LNS Turbo filters to 50µm

The SF Compact sets a new benchmark for chip conveyor systems, says LNS Turbo UK. It offers filtration of particles as small as 50µm.

The filter units are integrated into the housing of the chip conveyor to reduce the footprint; it uses no more floor space than a typical hinge belt conveyor, says the company, and in most cases, can be integrated into the existing tank on the machine.

A patented self-cleaning double filter system enables the system to provide filtration performance equal to, or frequently even better than, comparable chip conveyors that use drum filtration, claims the company.

Modern machining processes produce a wide range of chip types in a huge variety of materials (steel, titanium, brass, aluminium). These chips appear in various shapes, ranging from long chips, through chip accumulations and floating chips to ultra-fine chips. The SF Compact disposes of a wide range of chip types in various materials with simultaneous coolant filtration, filtering particles as small as 50µm, eradicating the problem of chips wrapping around the drum, causing blockages and damage. A hardened track has been fitted, alongside other wear-resistant components, to ensure a long life.

The self-cleaning double filter system is flexible enough to handle a range of coolant flow rates. All coolant is collected in the chip conveyor and only filtered coolant is supplied to the tank on the machine, thus, extending the cleaning intervals and reducing machine tool downtimes.

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