Boxford laser cutters cut thick steel

Boxford laser cutters cut thick steel

Cost-effective laser cutters and engravers will be exhibited by Boxford at Southern 2019. Using the experience gained from supplying laser cutters for the past 16 years, the company has developed the latest range of laser cutters built to exacting standards, whilst providing value for money.

The company’s philosophy is to provide systems that provide the maximum convenience to the end user. It has built in many features as standard into laser systems, including integrated chiller cooling systems, auto focus, air assist c/w integrated compressor, integral red dot pointer and honeycomb and ‘knife-edge’ cutting tables

Most machines are offered ex-stock and there is full on-site commissioning and training through the customer service department. A large range of consumables and spares are also available ex-stock ensuring customers are fully supported. Superior glass Co2 laser tubes are used with standard variants offering up to 1,500 hours lifespan on BGL350 and BGL460 models and long-life variants up to 10,000 hours on BGL690, BGL1390 and BML1390 models. The BFL1390 metal cutting fibre laser has a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.

BML1390 offers all the material cutting and engraving options normally associated with Co2 lasers, along with the additional capability of been able to cut 1.5mm thick steel and 1.2mm thick stainless steel. The BFL1390 is an enclosed metal cutting fibre laser with the 500W variant having the ability to cut 6mm thick steel, 3mm stainless steel and 2mm aluminium. 750 and 1000W versions are also available.
A range of accessories including rotary devices for engraving cylindrical objects and fully filtered fume extraction systems is also available.

Visit Boxford on stand L35 or find out more at

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