New LVDT from RDP Electronics integrates CAN interface protocols

New LVDT from RDP Electronics integrates CAN interface protocols

A CANbus LVDT and a rotary position sensor will be launched at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2019 by RDP Electronics.

The CANbus LVDT (pictured) combines the benefits of absolute, high-repeatability, robust LVDT technology with efficient modern CAN interface protocols. The R360D rotary position sensor uses contactless magnetoresistive sensing to provide a conditioned 4.0 to 20mA output over a full 360° of shaft rotation.

The company designs, develops and manufactures transducers and instrumentation for the measurement of linear and rotary displacement, force, pressure and torque at its Wolverhampton factory. It also designed custom transducers to suit specific environments and applications. Its portfolio includes LVDT transducers for linear displacement measurement and Micropulse magnetostrictive sensors, both technologies that are fundamentally contactless and reliable. Full scale ranges run from 1.0mm to 7.6m.

For load cells (force), fluid pressure and torque (reaction or rotating) it offers strain-gauge technology from Honeywell’s Sensotec and Lebow ranges. Load cell ranges run from 250g to over 1000 tonnes, pressure transducers (gauge, absolute or differential) are available from 35mbar to over 10,000 bar while torque transducers and systems capacities range from 70mNm to 2500Nm. Associated instrumentation, separate or integral to the transducer, offers analogue voltage, 4.0 to 20mA, RS232, RS485, SSI and fieldbus. Additional features, such as scalable displays, trips and data logging, are available.

The company offers general industrial designs and also offers established products for high temperature, radiation, high pressure and long-term subsea installation.

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