Software from Heidenhain monitors machine tools remotely

Software from Heidenhain monitors machine tools remotely

Industry 4.0-compatible StateMonitor software runs on a PC, tablet or other mobile device and enables a user to capture, visualise and evaluate the status of connected machine tools and the current jobs being run.

As part of Heidenhain’s Connected Machining package, it makes extensive use of charts and graphs to assist visualisation of the status of the connected machines. The data can be configured to meet the user’s requirements, facilitating its evaluation and so boosting efficiency and productivity, thereby increasing competitiveness.

Results can be displayed on any terminal over a network. It could be a CNC system in production that is monitoring and displaying the status of several machines, or an interconnected PC in a manager’s or programmer’s office. Alternatively, a networked mobile device is able to display identical information. It frees the operator to leave the machine to source a new tool or attend a meeting, for example, and still know what the machine is doing.

The software is compatible with other makes of CNC system equipped with the MTConnect protocol interface. A commissioning service is offered, which is especially useful in factories where a customised configuration involving multiple options is needed. The service is available irrespective of which controls are being used and whether they were supplied by the OEM with the machine tool or purchased separately as an upgrade. Training is provided.

Other functional modules within the Connected Machining suite are the manufacturer’s DNC interface, two-way communication with a CAM system and other Windows applications facilitated by Remote Desktop Manager software and Batch Process Manager, to monitor the NC program and tools and schedule the execution of several production orders simultaneously.

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