Rubber and membrane keypads can be backlit

G English Review_tmbCustom plastic injection and compression moulded components together with bespoke metal products have been supplied by G English Electronics for over 40 years. At Southern 2018 it showcased examples of its wide product range, together with variety of in-house services including rapid prototyping, tooling and contract manufacturing.

As a supplier of custom silicone rubber and membrane keypads, it offers backlit solutions with carbon ink, carbon pill or mechanical tactile applications.

Custom designed plastic housings have competitive tooling charges and unit costs and a quick turnaround of four to eight weeks from concept to production.

The company is also supplies bespoke manufactured zinc and aluminium alloy die casting, sheet metal stamping and forming, welding, CNC machining, aluminium extrusion and powdered metallurgy (sintering).

The company is also the UK distributor, and largest partner in Europe, for Sunon thermal management products. The manufacturer of electronics cooling fans has a comprehensive range of AC, DC and the recently introduced EC fans and motors.

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