Displays on display

craftExamples from the Craft Data electronic display range on show at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2018 ranged from simple alphanumeric LCD modules, through monochrome graphic modules, character and graphic OLED to full colour TFT LCD including four-wire resistive and projected capacitive touch versions, as well as high brightness sunlight viewing options, there will also be versions featuring wide viewing O-Film technology.

Additions to the ‘stretched’ or ‘bar-type’ TFT LCD were also seen. These letterbox format displays have high brightness LED backlights, wide operating temperature range and use the latest IPS panel technology to provide wide viewing angles on all axes. They are suited to automotive and aerospace markets as well industrial equipment manufacturers.

Also on show were examples of the thermal printer range, from simple printer mechanisms and their associated driver boards to panel mount or embedded versions. Alongside these were a selection of printers from the mobile thermal printer range incorporating both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless interfaces.

Visitors to the stand were able to see and handle two, three and four-inch versions from simple, low cost options for entry level printing requirements, to full IP54- certified versions designed for hostile or rugged applications.

Find out more on the Craft Data website – www.craftdata.co.uk