Injection moulder presents Organo-based products

Thormac preview editAt Southern 2018, Irish injection moulder, Thormac, is presenting its capabilities in complex technical moulding, including insert and hybrid moulding and work with Organo sheet materials

In particular, it has solutions to offer the automotive and aerospace industries in the design and production of lightweight mouldings.

Wittmann Battenfeld technology has been playing its part in producing the latest Thormac Organo-based products. A MacroPower 350 moulding machine offers many advantages for fibre-based moulding over conventional thermoset or thermoplastic production, such as shorter cycle times, weight reduction and reduced wall thickness.

The business has been steadily investing in Wittmann Battenfeld moulding technology, specialising in plastic design, prototyping, large part moulding and value added services, with particular expertise in the manufacture of low to medium volume precision components to a range of industries.

The company’s 40,000sq ft manufacturing facility is located near Shannon Airport. It includes a clean room and 16 machines ranging from 30 to 1100t locking force.

The company manufactures in a range of engineering materials including silicone, PA66, PA6, PC, PVC, PMMA, TPU, PBT, Valox and LMP compound.

Meet Thormac on stand B160