Software displays production stages

Tricorn_preview-edit_tmbKey information on a regular, timed basis is provided by the Tricorn:Dashboard the production control dashboard from Tricorn Systems and Valuechain on show at Southern 2018

With over 1,000 users, Tricorn:Production is one of the pre-eminent systems in use at sub-contract precision engineering companies covering all sectors including aerospace, motorsport and oil & gas. The Tricorn:Dashboard will provide users with key information on a regular, timed basis to make their job easier.

The dashboard can be configured so that only information pertinent to a user’s role is shown at start-up. For example, the production manager can see what jobs are running late, or what operations have taken longer than the estimated time. The purchasing team can see what items (raw materials, bought-in parts) need to be purchased and when, or what items are due to be delivered within the next 24/48 hours. The sales team can see what quotes need following up. The quality team can view their KPIs such as on-time delivery and reject part count.

A series of Audit Applications will also be launched. These provide quality managers with a tool to perform their own audits in areas such as ISO9001, AS9100, SC21 and NADCAP. The applications are cloud-based, pre-configured modules, providing a simple interface to log the status of each key area of the audit. These can be a vital tool for users to run through an audit prior to being audited by a certification body.

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