Spring into action for custom and stock items

Leepring preview edit_tmbCatalogued and custom springs, including compression springs, torsion springs, constant force springs, die springs, belleville spring washers, wave springs, extension springs, battery springs and numerous speciality springs are among the highlights of the Lee Spring stand at Southern Manufacturing 2018. Materials include steel, stainless steel, cobalt/nickel alloy, bronze, brass, music wire and composite plastics.

The company is a source for both custom and stock customer-centric solutions. Experienced staff of multi-national, multi-lingual engineers provides expert collaboration throughout the design and manufacturing cycle as well as prototype and concurrent engineering assistance. The ever-expanding catalogue has over 25,000 stock items and the company believes its imperial and metric offering is anything but “standard”, with parts such as LeeP plastic compression springs, stainless steel Lite Pressure and High Pressure compression springs, Bantam miniature springs, Redux wave springs and constant force springs. All standard stock items are RoHS and REACH compliant.

For flexibility, the company partners with a customer’s business to find solutions that meet geographic requirements to develop springs with a Lee Spring engineer in one part of the world and reduce long-run production costs by producing close to where the parts are needed in another part of the world.

Certified to ISO 9001, the company has been qualified by customers in exacting manufacturing sectors including aerospace, medical, robotics, semiconductor, and electronics and has experienced working with stringent quality requirements such as AMS Spec, mil-specs and QS9000.

Meet Lee Spring on stand 245 or visit www.leespring.co.uk