Discover a sustainable nitrogen supply

BCAS preview edit._tmbA diverse range of manufacturing and engineering companies rely on nitrogen gas to keep their processes clean and dry. Alongside a range of compressors and vacuum pumps, compressed air specialists BCAS, will demonstrate the benefits of creating nitrogen in-house at Southern Manufacturing 2018.

Nitrogen generators can allow users to produce a reliable and secure source of nitrogen from an existing compressed air supply. Nitrogen gas is produced at low pressure, eliminating hazards usually associated with high pressure cylinder gas. Potential manual handling concerns are also removed.

Taking control of a nitrogen supply, rather than relying on a third party, can reduce costs considerably, says the company. Compared with traditional methods of supply, an on-site nitrogen generation system offers a short payback time on investment, usually within nine to 24 months.

The company supplies a wide range of nitrogen generators which can assist in gaining the maximum benefits from a compressed air system. As well as supply and installation, it can also fulfil maintenance and servicing needs.

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