Machine investment allows angled contouring

Parts 3At Southern 2018 CNC sliding head sub-contract machining company, NC Precision, highlights its miniature, high precision components and complex parts from a wide range of materials for industries from highly demanding sectors, such as aerospace and motorsport, to parts for commercial use.

It also provides services such as heat treatment, electroplating and anodising.

A recent investment is a Citizen L20-XII, which has b- and y-axis control on both the main and sub spindles. Driven tools feature b-axis operation, allowing the machining of angled features and contouring with simultaneous four-axis control. The machine can switch between guide bush and guide bushless operation enabling the machining of parts up to 25.4mm diameter. The speed of operation is particularly well suited to longer batch runs where cycle time is more critical, says the company. Further recent investments include a magnetic de-burring machine.

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