Learn the secrets of product development

Otter Controls preview edit_tmbEach week, Otter Controls manufactures and sells over three million electromechanical components, mostly bimetal actuators for the thermal protection of DC motors and electric kettles. 

These significant global markets need compact, well-engineered components, in high volume and at low cost. The company also provides the skills and manufacturing capabilities to produce electromechanical components for OEM projects, and has developed bespoke electrical connectors for a wide range of customers.

The company will demonstrate these skills at Southern Manufacturing 2018 and to explain how it develops these products in-house.

Thick film heating elements are a core competence of one of its subsidiaries, Ferro Techniek. Thick film heating technology offers high power density on a low mass stainless steel plate, which provides fast heating and cooling times. The patented EFAST protection system keeps up with the rate of temperature change, instantly detecting hotspots on the element surface or an abuse situation, preventing stress and damage. The technology has been developed into products like the flow through heater for appliances like espresso makers.

Meet Otter Controls on stand G115 or go to www.ottercontrols.com