3D printing expertise is built on traditional skills

DSC_0710_tmbIn-house technologies showcased at Southern 2018 by Industrial Plastic Fabrication (IPFL) include Stratasys Polyjet, SLS and FDM.

PolyJet technology 3D prints in the widest variety of materials to create ergonomic tooling, and realistic prototypes, explains the 3D printing service company.

EOS SLS 3D printing uses powdered nylon 12, to build 3D printed parts with high strength and stiffness, and detail resolution. The company is an exponent of fused deposition modelling (FDM), a technique yielding parts with good geometric accuracy, durability, stability and strength, for concept models, functional prototypes, end-use parts and manufacturing tools.

While 3D printing services might be considered the technology of the moment, it is just one aspect of a 40-year heritage of plastics engineering. Since 1969, the firm has been responsible for examples of precision machining in a wide variety of plastics, including props for film and TV.

Techniques include CNC machining, milling, plastic fabrication, laser cutting and engraving, and diamond tip polishing. Specialist services include diffusion bonding, a technique for the molecular bonding multiple layers of pre-machined acrylic components to create a flawless, void-free permanent joints without adhesives. The technique is used in applications such as the manufacturer of micro-fluidic medical manifolds, multi-layer manifolds, medical imaging devices and light guides.

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