Contour cutting machine adds new dimensions to foam

Kewell review edit_tmbA new Albrecht Baumer CNC vertical contour cutting machine, commissioned by Kewell Converters, will enhance the company’s ability to serve a wider variety of customers and applications. Visitors to Southern Manufacturing 2017 heard how the accuracy, speed and precision of cut will enable the company to broaden its range of products and parts for existing and new customers, as well as reduce lead times.

The all-purpose vertical CNC contour cutting machine will be used to convert sheets and block materials. It can convert sheets and block foam with accuracy, adding extra capabilities and advanced cutting technology. The maximum part size is 3500 x 2200 x 1300mm.

It can be used for foam fillers for roofing and cladding, specialised 2D/3D packaging, bespoke case inserts, sports swim kick-boards and floatation aids, automotive trim and panels as well as custom upholstery and furniture.

Materials that can be handled are closed cell, cross-linked expanded polyethylene (PE) foams (AZOTE, Plastazote, Evazote, Supazote), nylon foams (ZOTEK N), PDVF foams (ZOTEK F), open cell polyether, polyester, PUR soft foam and chip foams, as well as non-woven fabric, reticulated foams, melamine foams, laminated materials and similar composite materials.

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