Environmental simulation key to product reliability

Produktgalerie-BINDER_tmbOne of Southern 2017’s many overseas exhibitors, BINDER GmbH bought examples of its world-class simulation chambers to Farnborough. Its products can be found in numerous laboratories around the world, where they are used by pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food manufacturers, as well as research institutes.

BINDER test chambers are used by the pharmaceutical industry to test the shelf life of medicines under various climatic and lighting circumstances. These chambers can simulate a vast range of environmental situations with controlled humidity, temperature and light, in order to test the resistance of drugs and how these conditions affect their properties.

For laboratories working in the medical sciences sector, a high-precision temperature environment is crucial for the storage and incubation of cells. Industrial applications includes electronics and automotive engineering, where the service life of products and their resistance against environmental influences is tested by simulating a 10-year weathering process for a polymer in a BINDER simulation chamber in just a few days.

Find out more about BINDER at www.binder-world.com

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