A cost-effective solution for challenging power density applications

blister_tmbDesigners challenged with cooling electronics with progressively higher heat density and in reduced spaces, found an answer on the Aavid Thermalloy stand at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017. Liquid cooling has become the choice of designers striving to manage the rising heat loads of high power electronics. Whether it’s lasers, power generation and conditioning, medical equipment, transportation or military electronics, Liquid Cold Plates (LCPs) offer performance advantages over air cooled solutions in high Watt density applications.

Showcased at Southern 2017, the AavBlister liquid cold plate represents an important innovation in cold plate design. In this full aluminium construction, blister technology stamps channels into the cover plate eliminating base plate machining and greatly lowering manufacturing costs. The blister channels allow greater flexibility to drill mounting holes in the under-side of the heat sink without regard for the location of the liquid channels. Offset fin structures enhance thermal transfer performance.

The company notes that many electronics or machinery manufacturers are initially hesitant about using water- cooled systems for electronic circuits; However Aavid says its liquid cold plates are 100% leakage and pressure drop tested during production to ensure complete reliability.

Find out more about Aavid Thermalloy’s Blister Liquid Cold Plates online. The firm also welcomes contact for assistance in designing a custom solution for specific requirements. http://www.aavid.eu/

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