Eurocircuits’ PCB Assembly Visualizer speeds up production

Eurocircuits gave visitors to Southern Electronics 2017 the opportunity to preview its new PCB Assembly Visualizer, designed to speed up the development of electronics applications, from idea to production. Virtually simulating the production allows for problems to be ironed-out at the design stage before anything is physically built, saving time and money. Eurocircuits’ PCB Visualizer tool has been instrumental in helping its customers visualise bare boards – the new PCB Assembly Visualizer takes the next logical step and allows virtual boards to be populated, allowing a whole new set of design rule checks and design for manufacturability checks.


The PCB Assembly Visualize consists of a database of verified components and a set of visual online tools. A BOM (bill of materials) editor analyses your components, while a CPL (component placement list) editor places components on the bare board. Eurocircuits says that validating BOM and CPL via its PCB Visualizer and PCB Assembly Visualizer, means that boards can be more cost-effectively produced by EMS services, avoiding any unnecessary overheads and shortening machine setup times. The firm says this is good news for EMS companies too, as it allows them to process smaller orders more profitably, which in turn benefits designers looking to produce limited quantity prototypes.

The database is actively compiled from BOM-lists currently being uploaded by participating Eurocircuits’ customers. As new components are specified, the part description and footprint is verified and added to the database. Eurocircuits is encouraging all customers to participate in its beta process by uploading BOM and CPL files together with the bare board data. Participating in the beta phase will ensure that customer’s BOM and CPL specifics will be covered by the system once it is finally released it and that components are verified and stored as required. Upon upload, Eurocircuits engineers will analyse the BOM list and add any missing parts and footprints to the database. After analysis, the PCB Assembly Visualizer will be available in the customer’s online account in the running orders section, allowing them to view the PCB including components and all DRC results.

More information, and a detailed video describing the benefits of the PCB Assembly Visualizer is available on the Eurocircuits website

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