Multi-coloured nameplates mix traditional and modern

IMG_0869_tmbMulti-coloured etched and filled stainless steel nameplates are among the range of label and nameplate finishes highlighted on the GSM Graphic Arts stand at Southern Manufacturing 2017.

By utilising both traditional and modern production processes, the company offers the option of having multi-coloured in-filled logos and text detail within a stainless steel nameplate. The text detail is chemically etched and then infilled for a durable, multi-coloured, high quality finish that is suitable for use as a logo badge, rating plate or even a control panel.

Using the latest technology means that there is no longer a requirement to have a 1mm gap between colours – making this an option for reproducing coloured logos without compromise.

As the colours are held within the etched detail they will remain durable and long lasting even in the harshest of environments, says the company. It can produce the multi-coloured stainless steel nameplates with self-adhesive or fixing holes, as required, and offers both 304 and 316 stainless steel.

Other bespoke labelling finishes offered range from roll form vinyl labels to screen printed polycarbonate and polyester graphic overlays, anodised aluminium nameplates to metal enclosures, resin domed logo badges to 3D embossed aluminium logos.

See for yourself on the GSM Graphic Arts stand R7 or go to

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