Inspection equipment includes repeatable analysis

Smartzoom_cover_color_tmbProducts on display at the Zeiss stand at Southern 2017 will highlight how the company’s inspection technology can maximise productivity. The portfolio includes systems from electron microscopy through to multi-sensor CMMs.

Visitors will be able to experience the latest products, with experts on hand to offer demonstrations and technical advice. Among them is the Smartproof 5, an integrated wide-field confocal microscope. It offers fast, precise and repeatable surface analysis measurements and is designed to cover a range of industrial applications, such as roughness and topographical characterisation, required in quality control, production environments and R&D labs.

The is also the Smartzoon 5, a smart, digital microscope for quality control and quality assurance applications. The company says it is quick to set up and simple to operate, making it easy to use even for untrained users.

The digital measuring projector, the O-Select, makes the optical measurement of 2D parts easy and reliable, at the push of a button. The automatic setting of both illumination and focus, eliminates measuring errors due to operator influence.

O-Inspect measuring machines unite optical and contact measuring technology in a single system, thus covering a large range of parts and comprehensive analysis options. The multi-sensor CMM offers a choice of three forms of sensors; tactile, optical and CFS.

Finally, if you are looking to replace costly gauges or manual inspection equipment with a more cost-effective solution, Duramax is the automated shop floor CMM.

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