igus live demos maintenance-free systems

IG008081 - igus CRM_tmbCost-effective, lightweight and maintenance-free bearings and cable management systems for a variety of engineering applications will be on display at the igus stand at Southern Manufacturing 2017. Visitors will see several live demonstrations, including the drylin W curved rail system and the new Compact Rotation Module.

The easy-to-install drylin W curved rails and self-aligning carriages do not require lubrication and therefore run maintenance-free. A pivoting spherical ball, made of the engineering plastic, iglidur J, self-aligns the carriage for smooth, reliable movement along the rail. It retains its alignment with the rail to eliminate binding, whether it’s travelling along straight linear runs or round tight bends, explains Robert Dumayne, director of drytech bearings, igus. “This opens up endless possibilities in applications for a wide range of industries, including marine, aerospace and stage technologies,” he says.

The second stand highlight will be the new Compact Rotation Module (CRM), an easy-to-install rotary system that guides different types of media – power, signals, data, fibre-optic, pneumatic and oil – through rotational movements of up to 360° degrees in tight spaces. Additional modules enable the angles of rotation to be extended ‘virtually’ indefinitely, says the company.

Target applications include offshore, stacker and reclaimer systems, bucket-wheel excavators and rotary cranes.

Spin over to the igus stand N97 or find out more at www.igus.co.uk

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