Quality checks builds confidence with China Outsourcing

NBXY_tmbCapabilities offered by Southern Manufacturing 2017 exhibitor, China Outsourcing, are machining, all types of casting, forging, stamping, fabrication and assemblies. The company provides low cost, low risk manufacturing to customers wishing to reduce production and supply costs by sourcing components and sub-assemblies from China.

While many companies are tempted to source from low-cost countries such as China, some find the prospect too scary. A site visit with UK quality and production engineer, Trevor Purdey to discuss in detail how the company operates, both in the UK and in China restores confidence, says the company.

The company admits that it is difficult to know what saving it achieves for customers as, not surprisingly, very few are prepared to divulge current supplier costs. It hopes to save 25% on western supplier costs.

Engineering and quality teams liaise with the customer and pass on information to the team in China who work with the supplier. Chris Kay is general manager in China. The ex-pat has over 20 years’ experience in quality management in the UK oil and gas sector. He will be directly involved in getting samples made and will work with China Outsourcing’s quality controller designated for that supplier to ensure production units follow the same procedure. Samples will be delivered to drawing accompanied by documentation.

The company says it is, in essence, a quality control organisation. It is proud that since starting in 2002, once a part has moved into production, no customer has moved it to another supplier.

Meet with China Outsourcing on stand H1 or find out more at www.chinaoutsourcing.com

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