Magnets and magnetic solutions prove attractive

Magnets Bunting Magnetics-1342_tmbBunting Magnetics Europe hopes that its impressive range of magnetic separators, magnets, magnetic assemblies, magnetic factory solutions, and magnetic separators will draw visitors to its stand at Southern Manufacturing 2017.

With design and manufacturing European headquarters in Berkhamsted, it specialises in providing magnet and magnetic assembly solutions. The UK manufacture of plastic bonded magnets, specialist and bespoke magnetic assemblies and magnetising equipment, accompanies the supply of permanent magnets (e.g. neodymium iron boron and samarium cobalt). Engineers work closely with customers to identify the best magnet solution. Expertise and technology such as 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) analysis software, provide technical support.

The company has applied magnetic principles to solve problems commonly found in the manufacturing workplace including the magnetic sheet fanner and magnetic sweeper. The range provides simple solutions to prevent damage and injury, whilst also saving time and improving productivity.

Magnetic separators are used widely throughout the process industry to separate or recover magnetically susceptible metal from processing materials. Experienced sales engineers will be on the stand to discuss specific requirements.

Meet Bunting Magnetics Europe on stand U74 or visit

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