Consultancy is proficient for production

SnapUI RaspberryPiEmbedded specialists at ByteSnap Design can help shorten time-to-market, accelerating both hardware and software embedded systems projects.

Visitors to Southern Electronics 2017 will see The Product Design Journey display, showing how it worked with a smart home security company to help develop its ground-breaking device. The project won the Design Team of the Year at the 2016 British Engineering Excellence Awards in October.

There will also be the new version of the user interface (UI) development framework, SnapUI. Now supporting Raspberry Pi, taking software to production.

When designing new hardware devices, keeping the user interface design in step with hardware development can be difficult. When the user interface is overlooked, or is the last consideration in the design process, projects can suffer significant delays, says the company.

SnapUI enables development of the user interface independently of the hardware, on a reference hardware platform or Raspberry Pi, ready for deployment to the target device when the hardware is ready. It brings high performance to UI prototyping, with the emphasis on CPU embedded chipsets.

The small, focused SnapUI codebase and ease of integration of new features makes adoption of the framework painless for software engineers, says the company, enabling them to extend built-in custom graphical objects easily. Changes to the UI can be implemented rapidly and simply by changing the XML description of the interface, significantly reducing the time required to deploy new versions of the UI or to change branding or multi-language translations compared to traditional UI development methods.

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