Gas struts from Suspa safeguard workplaces

SpindelMotorSystem_Verstellung_tmbGas struts, lockable gas struts and height adjustment systems will be seen on the Suspa UK stand at Southern Manufacturing 2017. The Liftline gas struts are equipped for extreme stress from dust, dirt and vibrations, and are used to open and close protective covers, maintenance flaps and other machine components. The controlled motion ensures comfort and safety for users, says the company. To ensure the desired, precise range of motion, they need to be customised to fit the application and place of use. The company offers tailored solutions with special functions for a range of applications.

Lockline lockable gas struts can be used to recline passenger seats in buses, trains and airplanes, adjust the angle of steering columns in agricultural machinery and lorries or change the height of armrests in commercial vehicles. Customers choose between various locking characteristics and release systems, such as levers, buttons and bowden cables (if the gas struts are hard for users to reach).

Finally, to meet the demands on ergonomic workplaces, the company offers a range of sit-to-stand workplaces. Using its hydraulic system, Movotec, workbenches can be retrofitted for an adjustable system. The Movotec Spindle Motor System (SMS) combines the power and reliability of the Movotec hydraulic system with the advantages of an electrical spindle drive. Pneumatic height adjustment columns VariStand and VariBase, as well as the electrical height adjustment system ELS3 make a workplace more ergonomical, says the company.

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