See 3D printers in action on the Creat3D stand

Form-2-parts-revised_tmb3D printers can be seen in action on the Creat3D stand at Southern Manufacturing 2017. The independent specialist supplies desktop 3D printers that can be used for tooling, jigs and fixtures, casings, enclosures, sacrificial parts, end-use parts, sales tools, moulds, components, casings, and more.

Working across multiple industries and applications requires a range of printers with different qualities whether material properties, strength or finishes.

New releases that can be seen at the show include the Markforged range, including the Onyx Series, Mark X and Mark Two. They are engineered for high strength 3D printed parts, in some cases generating a higher strength-to-weight ratio than aluminium. Using a composite approach, MarkForged uses nylon or onyx (nylon with micro carbon fibres) as a base material, but has the option to incorporate kevlar, fibre glass or carbon fibre, for enhanced functionalities. Carbon fibre is the key to very high strength prints, whereas kevlar is for impact or abrasion resistance applications.

Another introduction is the Formlabs Form 2 3D printer, for working with small components and casings with fine details. Using SLA technology, with a variety of engineering materials including high temperature (up to 289°C) and flexible resins, it generates an excellent surface finish and accuracy, says the company.

Free consultations with the team can provide clarity on the selection of products, and different tools to suit applications. Visitors are invited to bring examples of parts to discuss the feasibility of incorporating desktop 3D printing into a business.

Experience the possibilities of 3D printing on the Creat3D stand R127 or find out more at

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