Investment expands flying probe capabilities

flying_probe_tester_vision_system_tmbAt Southern 2017,G&B Electronics will be highlighting recent investments in its production capabilities, including robotic soldering, new EVO inspection equipment and flying probe test facilities. Flying probe testers work by in-circuit testing a board via a number of moving test probes. They have the advantage over traditional In-circuit testers of not requiring a dedicated bed of nails test fixture thus reducing the price for each board being tested. Flying probe, in the main requires little in the way of design modification to allow test access. With the ability to probe on component pads, vias and IC legs, it can access parts that even the best in-circuit testers are unable to access. DFT analysis can mean required design changes can be done long before the product reaches production. Coupled with quick change-over times and the ability to be used in-line, flying probe makes testing quicker and easier to achieve.

With its enhanced facilities, G&B Electronics is able to combine in-circuit, AOI, functional, device programming and boundary scan testing, in one test system. It works from CAD data, and can quickly use this to take into account customer board changes and revisions.

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