Handheld scanner reads 1D and 2S codes

TalliScan Stock Management_tmbShowcased at Southern Manufacturing 2016, handsets for the TalliScan inventory handling systems support a built-in laser barcode scanner, capable of reading both 1D and 2D codes and a 5-inch screen. As a result, says the company, the system is faster and easier to use than ever.

The Talliscan system also tackles everyday physical stock management tasks. As data errors introduced into MRP systems that use a traditional, process-driven model for stock handling, can cause uncertainty surrounding stock levels, stock handling is approached from a physical perspective. The rapid perpetual inventory tool quickly corrects handling anomalies and omissions, says the company.

From booking stock into stores, kitting for production build or dispatch, to bin-filling for Kanban, the system’s instant counting efficiently records the physical transactions. The mobile and wirelessly connected system is always on hand to record the transactions as they happen and effectively plug the holes in MRP records.

TalliScan operates as a standalone tool, or via cloud services, and can be incorporated into existing systems through its API.

More information at www.talliscan.co.uk

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