Wireless technology is for global tracking

Trak365 editGateway and endpoint devices can switch on other devices in response to alerts, using a LoRaWAN (Long Range Wireless Area Network) communication gateway and LoRa endpoint devices. EveryComm combines the latest wireless protocol technology with mobile GPRS to provide robust, global tracking for high value assets. At Southern Manufacturing 2016, Track365 announced initial installations, followed by full production deliveries of gateways and endpoint devices.

The LoRaWAN is connected to the Trak365 Back Office, which is the collection point for all messages and data received from the gateways and endpoint devices. The Back Office is also a business rules engine that works in conjunction with the messages received from the gateway and endpoint devices to provide communication back to the endpoint devices. This bi-directional capability can be used to switch on other devices in response to the alerts received.

Two types of tags are available, both of which are powered by standard AA or AAA long-life alkaline batteries. The wireless connectivity communicates to the gateway while in range and then automatically falls back to operate using the GPRS connectivity when out of range. There is also the LoRa Wireless two-way wireless communications device which has embedded LoRa communications. It has a microprocessor-based PCB which provides multi-function I/O, and optional GPS, temperature sensing and accelerometer motion sensing.

More information at www.trak365.com

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