Metrology tools link to production processes

MaraMeter--840_F--4450000--BI--Verlauf--200x150--72dpiQuality assurance is Mahr Metrology’s fundamental role in the world of production, says the company. Showcased at Southern 2016 was its range from callipers to customised high-end measuring systems with direct connection to production processes.

Supplemented with the right software, training and services such as calibration, the company says it ensures smooth operations, quality and the continual reduction of cost. Created on a dialogue with the experts from the areas of production, research and development, it devises concepts for the future of metrology.

The firm has sites in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia and expertise for industrial metrology for all applications; production metrology with experience, innovation and dedication. It also offers a broad spectrum for hand-held metrology, surface metrology and form metrology, as well as for shafts, gear or tools.

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