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T_Cards Direct edit_tmbWorkflows can be managed in real-time, using the T Cards Online system from T Cards Direct.  At Southern 2016 the company showed how the simple drag-and-drop technique, moving cards around the ‘online board’ can reflect current status.

The Online system was a logical development for the company which developed the manual T Card Board and Card system. In many manufacturing applications, especially in providing health and safety information, the manual board system remains the best solution, says the company.

Providing information and communicating with staff and colleagues in the workplace is essential, particularly when hazards, incidents or near-misses occur, along with maintenance planning which may impact on others. An effective, low-cost solution is the Near Miss/Incident Reporting/Maintenance Planning System boards. Manual board systems provide a record and history with traceability from the time the incident occurred or when maintenance is scheduled. The standard display board is available in a three-column format, 50 or 30 cards deep and measures 409mm wide. It is supplied fully assembled, complete with headings and 200 Incident T Cards. There is also the option to have the system made to a bespoke format.

The online system, along with examples of manual boards for Near Miss/Incident Reporting/Maintenance Planning/Continuous Improvement applications, seen on the stand reflected 45 years’ of experience in providing effective and affordable information systems.

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