Colour foam packs a protective punch

Foam montage_tmbMSA Foams demonstrated a portable scanning service at Southern Manufacturing 2016, capable of creating a 3D product model for precision foam fitting. The device captures complex shapes with accurate measuring. Products to be protected can therefore easily be scanned on site if they are too large or sensitive to transport.

Specialising in the design and manufacture of protective packaging solutions, MSA Foams can produce foam products for electronics, instrumentation or delicate equipment that requires safe transportation or protection. The dedicated design team use the latest CAD/CAM technology and various manufacturing techniques to produce high quality products. They are designed “from the inside out”, offering the optimum packaging solution, tailored specifically to a product or range.

The company offers a range of returnable packaging solutions and protective/presentation cases. Its sales presentation cases have a professional finish – branding is enhanced through corporate colours. Logos can also be laser engraved with intricate detail in the foam.

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