New traceability labels from Brady resist harsh washing

Brady Corporation used its presence at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2016 to highlight a complete new set of Brady Ultratemp Labels, featuring even more powerful adhesives to ensure printed circuit board traceability. The firm says its next generation polyimides show dramatic adhesion improvements in the newest washing systems for printed circuit boards.

According to the firm, printed circuit board washing systems in the electronics industry have become increasingly harsher, necessitating a new generation of polyimide traceability labels to ensure traceability for printed circuit boards. The new label offers a combination of a dedicated adhesive that is able to resist high pressure and hostile chemicals, and a quality label material to ensure readability even when exposed to extreme temperatures.

The new Brady Ultratemp Label Series contains 9 materials and adhesives offering optimal performance in modern washing processes used in PCB assembly, resisting heat, chemical,and abrasion in reflow, wave solder and in harsh washing systems. Brady says the labels will stay intact and legible throughout the printed circuit board manufacturing process. Improved adhesive characteristics allow the labels to resist peak temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius while maintaining material and print integrity. Brady has obtained compatibility reports for the new Ultratemp Labels from both Kyzen and Zestron, showing they can resist the newest cleaning chemicals.”

Brady’s new and advanced Ultratemp™ Label Series has been made available throughout a worldwide distribution network. For more information on advanced traceability labelling, label materials for traceability,automated label application and traceability software, please check with your preferred distributors.

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