Chemicals quartet enter UK market

MicroCare preview edit_tmb Four cleaning products recently introduced to the UK will be demonstrated at Southern Manufacturing 2016 by MicroCare Europe. They use chemical formulations engineered to clean PCBs, electrical assemblies and associated electronics equipment.

They can be used in high-volume assembly lines, as well as field service and repair applications, and are claimed to reduce cleaning costs, improve product quality and throughput, and provide long-term compliance to ever-more stringent regulatory obligations.

The Universal Flux Remover is non-flammable for rosin-based, high-temperature, and lead-free fluxes that are increasingly difficult to clean. Universal Contact Cleaner is for cleaning oil, grease and grime from electrical contacts, relays, switches, connectors and circuits. It is fast-drying, non-flammable with excellent materials compatibility. The Polar Flux Remover is an aggressive cleaner for PCB touch-up cleaning of white residues, heavy crusted flux, as well as aged-hardened solder fluxes and pastes. Finally, Tergo High Performance Flux Remover is for high volume production cleaning of circuit boards in automated vapour degreasing systems. Its formulation is claimed to help companies’ clean flux from PCBs faster, better and at lower cost while meeting stringent European regulations.

According to the company, electronics engineers can specify any of these cleaning products, confident that they will provide long-term regulatory compliance in the global markets.

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