Epoxy adhesives can be used for LED curing

Techsil show review_tmb At Southern 2015, Techsil highlighted adhesive materials from Panacol  based on highly resilient epoxy resins. They can be fully cured within seconds with many of today’s UV-LED light curing systems, says the firm, which distributes the products.

The new generation of LED curing technology and Panacol’s new epoxies results in cure times that are comparable to those using high intensity, broad spectrum UV light sources, says the company. The higher the intensity of UV light, the faster the epoxies will cure.

Epoxies are more resistant to environmental stresses, than acrylates and can better withstand the effects of wide temperature excursions and moisture. They feature higher glass transition temperatures, and possess lower shrinkage upon cure. Panacol’s LED-curable epoxies have dry and tack-free surfaces, for use as conformal coatings in PCB assembly.

The LED epoxies are part of the Vitralit- adhesive series. Vitralit 1728 HTG cures within two seconds when irradiated with an intensity of 1,500mW/cm². Vitralit 6648 achieves the same curing time with an intensity of 4,780mW/cm². In addition to conformal coating PCBs, the adhesives can be used to attach electronic components on boards, and as surface coatings for scratch-resistance.

More information at http://www.techsil.co.uk