Water separator is maintenance-free

Engineering company, Drallim Industries, represented Koganei Pneumatics at Southern Manufacturing 2015, alongside its own technology, engineering, manufacturing and custom built systems for the aerospace, industrial and utility markets.

iB-Cyclone show review Distributor Koganei UK is part of the Drallim Group. The Koganei Corporation, Japan, manufactures pneumatic components and automation products for the automotive, electronics, process and food and beverage industries.

It recently introduced the iB Cyclone water separator, with no filter element for maintenance-free operation, says the company. It uses a high-speed cyclonic system to maintain water separation performance even when the flow rate is increased.

Within the Group, the aerospace division has been expanded to include cargo handling equipment, restraints, cables and control rods, component and assembly manufacture.
The industrial division introduced the Rotary Selector Valve in 1957 and has been complemented over the years electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic control panels, mechanical cables and control rods, specialist test equipment and a general electro-mechanical/mechatronic contract design manufacture and test service.

The utilities division designs, manufactures and installs remote monitoring systems to the power and telecommunications industries. It provides field-based monitoring and diagnostic condition monitoring equipment for cable network and power transformer operators.

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