Reduce, re-use, and recycle ticks the right boxes

Acopia show review At Southern 2015, Acopia showcased its robust box systems that have a nominal impact on the environment, says the company. The flat-packed boxes reduce storage requirements, yet make-up is quick, minimising the need for extra staff and avoiding bottlenecks in the despatch process.

Service-exchange items can normally be returned in the same packaging as no specialist equipment is necessary for reuse. The main component, corrugated paper, is recyclable.

There are specialist options for PCBs, dust-sensitive, anti-corrosion and hygiene requirements. There is JoeyStretch, which requires only three steps to clamp an item securely. The wrap then is placed into a snug-fit, fold-up carton (pictured). There are 50 standard die-cuts available, or a bespoke solution can be designed and sampled, usually within a few days, says the company. Accessories such as flexes, hoses or kits can be housed in a compartment within the pack.

JoeySwift is an all-in-one retention package with die-cut flaps that come together to create a robust, post-ready parcel. Finally, there is JoeySling, which uses a suspension method where a product is suspended in its own cradle however the parcel is carried. A variety of films are employed to meet all challenges from small, precious items to large screens. There are 30 standard sizes, although a bespoke service is also available. Packages can be custom printed and larger volumes can include solid inks, multiple colours and other benefits.

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