Electrical test helps industry keep safe

A range of electrical safety testers enable manufacturers of electrical and electronic products to comply with the required performance and safety standards was on display at the Clare stand at Southern 2015.

Clare_Testing-6551a_tmb Among them was the HAL 104, an all-in-one tester, which combines the performance of a multi-function production line safety tester with load and power factor measurement for product energy consumption and ratings assessments. It can be connected to a test enclosure to conduct tests, as required by modern electronic manufacturing environments. It also enables flash testing during production to ensure sensitive electronic components comply with safety standards and do not contain any defects. This helps assemblers meets the demand that all electronic components should be able to pass testing before final build and assembly.

It can also be used as a manual standalone tester with simple push button test activation, or integrated into automated manufacturing systems with selectable sensors and enclosure interlocks, or controlled using remote PCs and PLCs.

The company also showed the HAL LED, which provides power measurement of less than 1000W with a resolution of 200Mw. Improved resolution at lower power allows an LED manufacturer to ensure the quality of a functional test.