Robots get new features

ROD424 _tmb R. A. Rodriguez, the transmission component and automation specialist company, showcased a number of new features in its range of Universal Robots at Southern Manufacturing 2015, designed to improve human/robot collaborative working.

The latest Universal Robot six-jointed arms retain the ease-of-use and quick return on investment benefits of previous generations and their visual appearance and payload of 5/10 kilos remains unchanged. Central to the new design, however, is the inclusion of a new patented safety system that enhances its use for tasks that require human interaction.

The inclusion of true absolute encoders in the new design allows faster start-up of the robot arm. Integration with other systems is easier too. Additional I/O ports are easy to configure either as digital signals or safety signals. The result, says the firm, is a supremely versatile product that can benefit a wide range of markets, from unloading CNC machines at a small subcontractor to performing an automatic gluing process for an automotive manufacturer.

R. A. Rodriguez also promoted the benefits of its new on-line gear shop at the show. The facility at provides customers with an exceptional choice of high quality gears and associated products.