HTE Plastics demo unique jointing system

HTE_tmb H.T.E Plastics Joining Systems demonstrated its unique "Pulsetaking" process at Southern Manufacturing 2015, alongside its portfolio of other plastics jointing processes, including ultrasonic welding, laser welding, fusion welding, induction heating and hot air cold stake technologies. The firm is an established manufacturer of plastics assembly and special purpose automation equipment serving the automotive, electronics and medical sectors.

The in-house manufactured “Pulsestaking” process is a patented and versatile joining system used on products as diverse as contact lenses to vehicle door finishers. The application of localised heat energy and absence of vibration render it ideal for products such as PCB’s, brittle ceramics, thin metals, non- woven fibres and “safety critical” applications.

H.T.E undergoes a program of continuous development of its process. Latest innovations include the Multi-tip Ct PulseStaker machine with interchangeable cassette tooling, embedded thermocouples within the tips to provide SPC data logging and the latest compact Solid State voltage controllers.

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