Universal LightProbe tests colour and intensity of LEDs

Peak Group 4 image_tmb One of the newest products highlighted on the Peak Group stand at Southern Manufacturing was the Universal LightProbe Spectra USB Sensor from Optomistic Products, designed for the colour and intensity testing of LEDs, and available exclusively in the UK from Peak Test Services.

Universal LightProbes are small, highly versatile programmable sensors for the reliable testing of LEDs, addressing many different LED test environments and requirements – whether a simple check for a specific colour, or identifying the correct colour and intensity from a wide spectrum of colours, including white LEDs – while offering the choice of digital or analogue outputs.

Optomistic Products has recently introduced a version of the Universal LightProbe Sensors with a serial digital output and a sleek user-friendly USB interface incorporated into the sensor. Without losing the ease of use of the existing range, the new Universal LightProbe Spectra USB Sensor delivers a fast and simple serial-digital output directly to a PC.

Universal LightProbe sensors have, says the firm,  the unique advantage of operating at any voltage from +5 V to +40 V, and they can withstand reverse polarity up to -18 V without suffering permanent damage. The range also includes one of the smallest sensor sizes on the market today, making it ideally suited to the requirements of high-density fixture designs.

More information at www.thepeakgroup.com